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A free consultation visit is offered prior to any services commencing to give an opportunity to discuss the needs of you and your dog or pet.

Dog Training & Behaviour

Services & Prices

I am a Force-Free, Qualified, Positive and Science based Dog Trainer and Behaviour Professional Established 2012.


I am Certifed by Canine Priciples, A Finalist for Best Pet Business for the Animal Star Awards 2020, Votes Three Best Rated dog trainers in North Lanarkshire and Registered with the UK Register of Animal Behaviourists and Trainers.


I offer 1-2-1 Training session with dog and owner to work on any issues that the dog may be struggling with. Sessions available for any age, breed, or training problem. These sessions are usually carried out within the dog’s own home or an arranged outdoor area (Depending on the areas you wish to cover on the session).


Video Sessions and Consultations are also offered for clients who live outside the coverage area.  


My training sessions are bespoke and can cover anything from Puppy training all the way to senior dog. I do however specialize in Rescue dog rehabilitation, training your puppy for success, training blind dogs, working dogs and dog to dog aggression.


I offer various kinds of training sessions. “Dog Training & Services” Page for more information and pricing

(varies depending on service required and training/behaviour issue). Or feel free to contact me for further information.

Pet Sitting

(Including Cat's, Bird's and Small Animals)



If you are out at work all day or on holiday and need someone to pop in and check on your pet then we can offer a home visit/pet sitting service. Even if it’s just to sit with your pet in your home, play with them, let them out or to feed and water them.


Pet sitting visits are where the pets are visited at their own home whilst their owner is away or unable to get home to check on their pets.


I offer competitive prices but due to the varying services that may be required please contact me to discuss and confirm costs. We can tailor this service to suit the needs of you and your pet and this can also include emergency cover for you in case you can’t make it home for whatever reason and need someone to look after you pet or check on their well-being for you until you return home.


We cater for all pets here at Mizz Pawz and have looked after a wide variety of pets including cats, chickens, ducks, ferrets, rabbits, Guinea Pigs, fish etc.


Pet sitting visits include:

•Checking on your pet

•Playtime and mental stimulation



•Changing water

•Administering medication (if required)

•Changing litter boxes or bedding (if required)


Of course, pet sitting visits also include plenty of pats and affection to ensure your pet gets the love and attention that they seek whilst their owner is away.


We can offer up to 3 visits a day to a pet in their own home for people who may be away for a short trip away, an overnight stay or away for a holiday.


Visits will be around 8am, 2/3pm and 8pm.


Many Cats and other pets prefer the option of pet sitting to kennels or catteries as they are still able to stay in the comfort of their own home where they will feel comfortable and more settled and relaxed. It can also keep them in more of a regular routine, which they are used to. A lot of older Cat's tend to prefer this and feel more settled than they would be in a Cattery.

Price for 1 Pet

1 Visit a day £9

2 Visits a day £14

3 Visits a day £20

Price for 2 Pets

1 Visit a day £12

2 Visits a day £17

3 Visits a day £23

Prices listed above are correct for 2020 and are offered for customers located within our catchment area of Motherwell & Wishaw. Prices for other areas offered may vary due to distance.

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